Asset Protection

Infrastructure asset protection need to give significant consideration to the long term implications of climate change in the planning phase. As they often have lives of at least 50-100 years, they need to be designed to function long into the future, where weather patterns and climate are projected to be more aggressive than they are now.

This puts a greater responsibility on infrastructure planners to fully consider the risks of flooding, ground instability, any potential contamination issues, model the impacts of higher rainfall, for example, and plan for mitigation measures, such as SUDS and ground stabilisation, to alleviate these issues, as well as the installation of renewable energy to reduce dependency on other infrastructure, such as water and power.

Geo-Environmental has a range of solutions to support this which include:

  • Site geotechnical and environmental risk screening
  • Geotechnical and environmental intrusive site surveys
  • Flood risk assessments
  • Surface water control modelling
  • Drainage and SUDS design
  • Slope stability analysis and design

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