Basement Impact Assessment

For many living in houses in the UK, it is not possible to extend their property upwards and outwards. Increasingly home owners and developers are looking to build downwards, with basement developments becoming increasingly more popular. However, ground conditions and groundwater can have a real effect on the feasibility of any new basement development.

Any planning application for a new basement is likely to receive planning conditions which require the developer to demonstrate that the potential impacts on groundwater flows and ground stability have been addressed.

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  • Will it increase the likelihood of flooding to the property?
  • Will it increase the likelihood of flooding for neighbouring properties?
  • Will it affect water flows around the area, increasing risk of flooding in the area?
  • Will it impact the local highway, rail, underground or other utilities?
  • Will it affect any historic structures?
  • Is the person providing advice appropriately qualified?

How can we help?

Our basement impact assessment will comprise of a desk study of geotechnical and hydrogeological factors pertaining to the site, including a review of available borehole records and an examination of other available sources of geotechnical and hydrogeological information relevant to the site.


  • Foundation Designs
  • Excavations
  • Basement Construction
  • Basement Retaining Walls
  • Mitigation measures for landgas and ground contamination
  • Waste Acceptance Criteria

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