The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 requires new developments and redevelopments in England and Wales to have drainage plans for surface runoff in place, which in time will be approved by the Local Authority SuDS Approval Body. Geo-Environmental are able to advise you how you can limit the surface water runoff from your site and design suitable attenuation and drainage systems to satisfy the Environment Agency and planning authorities, for new developments.

The Geo-Environmental staff and suppliers have years of experience in dealing will all aspects of water related engineering, for infrastructure and housing, the services we supply include:

  • Foul Drainage
    • Pipe sizes, layouts and connections to existing sewerage systems.
    • Liaison with Sewerage Operator for adoption.
    • Liaison with Environment Agency for discharge consent.
    • Connections to private systems.
    • Septic tanks, Package Treatment Plants, Pumping stations.
    • Sustainable solutions, such as reed beds.
  • Surface Water Drainage
    • Pipe sizes, layouts and connections to existing systems.
    • Soakaways.
    • Attenuation crates.
    • Permeable paving.
    • Rainwater Harvesting
    • Flow control specification.
    • Oil interceptors.
    • Connections to existing systems.
    • Adoption liaison.
    • Discharges to watercourses, which includes liaising with the EA and outfall design.
    • Headwalls and culverts.
    • Swales and Basins
    • Section 104 and 106 applications.
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We can also provide all the necessary paperwork for Code for Sustainable Homes, SUR1 and SUR2 requirements, advise on and assist with sewer adoption and sewer requisition and offer a desktop technical audit service to independently check and confirm details prepared by others.

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