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Geo-Environmental can assess the viability of a site prior to any purchase commitments by undertaking a risk assessment of the site. This risk assessment may take the form of a desk study, or could even be a full intrusive site investigation with sample testing. Our aim is to help our clients minimise financial exposure and environmental incidents by thoroughly identifying risk and creating a plan to design these out or suggest effective mitigation strategies. We take into account past and future trends in climate to ensure that your developments and reputation stand the test of time. By proposing tailored and bespoke investigation and assessment strategies that are comprehensive we aim to minimise the delays to your development.


Geo-Environmental can provide the following services:

  • Risk Screening – a geotechnical and environmental desk study, including comprehensive sets of historical maps, searches of Environment Agency records and Local Authority databases and assessment of other relevant sources of geotechnical and environmental information, to identify any risks in your proposed development site.
  • Visual site assessment – a walkover of the site which will supplement the information in the risk screening phase and provide direction for the full-site survey.
  • Full site survey – an intrusive investigation with an interpretive geotechnical and environmental ground investigation report including records of the encountered conditions, an assessment of geotechnical parameters and risks in terms of the proposed construction, and an assessment of environmental risks pertaining to the site and its redevelopment.


A large risk to the majority of developments is unforeseen ground conditions, so the benefits of identifying risks early and ensuring you get it right will always far outweigh the costs of the investigation.

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