Our Environmental Services

Our Environmental Consulting Services team has the qualifications and practical experience to tackle the challenges posed by developing potentially contaminated land, minimising risks and realising assets. Our team provides a fully comprehensive service, being able to take projects from phases of assessment and investigation through to remediation and verification. Geo-Environmental have the ability to ensure that problems are foreseen and that any remedial measures are appropriate and cost effective. The services we provide encompass

  • Phase 1 Environmental and Contamination Desk Studies
  • Phase 2 Intrusive Environmental and Contamination Investigations, with Interpretive Reports
  • Phase 3 Remediation Strategies
  • Phase 4 Validation Report
  • Contamination Laboratory Testing
  • Land-Gas and Groundwater monitoring
  • Modelling of Pollutant Fate

Do you need advice?

If you have any projects that you need advice on or want to discuss in more detail, please contact us.  One of our Consulting Engineers would be happy to have an informal discussion to help you with your requirements.

Geo-Environmental constantly strives to improve its site investigation and has worked constantly to improve the way we investigate sites. Geo-Environmental have worked in partnership with our local University on a study to compare the effectiveness of field testing techniques for heavy metals against traditional laboratory techniques.

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