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Gas Monitoring

Ground gas monitoring is undertaken to determine the potential risks and resultant gas protection measures required for new structures. Monitoring is undertaken for methane (CH4) etc. through gas flow within the borehole, which is dependent on the atmospheric pressure at the time the reading was taken. We would use either use a hand held device to store readings for later use, on a portable infra-red gas analyser, or we could install a GASCLAM, which would be left in-situ and enable continuous monitoring of the gas levels in a borehole.

Groundwater monitoring

Water monitoring is used to either; monitor water levels using a dip meter, obtain water samples for testing by using a peristaltic pump or a hand held bailer. or to measure recharge time following the purging of a borehole. We can also monitor water level fluctuations over a length of time using a level logger. These would be left in-situ and would automatically log water level measurements at specific pre-set time intervals.

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