Our Geotechnical Services

The disciplines of geotechnics and engineering geology are critically important to the success of a development; be it new housing, building a school extension or building a basement. We maintain that the greatest risk to deadlines and profit margins, for any development, comes from the ground conditions, but these can be mitigated by performing adequate site investigations.

  • Phase I Geotechnical Desk-studies
  • Phase II Intrusive Investigations
  • Insitu Geotechnical Testing
  • Geotechnical Laboratory Testing
  • Foundation Recommendations (strip / spread, piles)
  • Earthworks Specification and Monitoring
  • Slope Stability Analysis

Do you need advice?

If you have any projects that you need advice on or want to discuss in more detail, please contact us.  One of our Consulting Engineers would be happy to have an informal discussion to help you with your requirements.

Geo-Environmental have a team of highly qualified geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists, delivering services from basic assessment to advanced analysis, ensuring that we can support our clients in making the most sustainable choices that deliver the best value over the life-cycle of their development projects.

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