site survey, pre-construction planning

What is the issue?

Unforeseen ground conditions pose a serious risk to developments. In order to mitigate this, best practice is to undertake a Phase 1 Investigation (Desk Study) the outputs of which comprise a preliminary environmental and geotechnical risk assessment and preliminary conceptual site model. These identify the potential risks associated with the site and receptors. This information is then used to inform the scope of any Phase 2 intrusive investigation. A desk study and intrusive investigation are quite often a planning requirement for a new development, though it is advised to undertake a Phase 1 for every development, and where necessary a Phase 2 intrusive investigation.

How can we help?

Geo-Environmental can provide a pre-construction risk assessment with a geotechnical and environmental desk study, including comprehensive sets of historical maps, searches of Environment Agency records and Local Authority databases and assessment of other relevant sources of geotechnical and environmental information, to identify any risks in your proposed development site.

site survey, pre-construction planning

Soil Conditions

site survey, pre-construction planning

Spatial Conditions

site survey, pre-construction planning

Historical Environmental Conditions

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