Why Standards, Memberships and Accreditations are Important to Us.

Geo-Environmental holds a number of internationally accepted accreditations and certifications which allow us to continually provide a trustworthy and high quality service.

In an industry where the advice that you supply is so heavily relied upon, it is important that Clients can have the confidence that you are working to a recognised level of quality, a recognised standard for health and safety, a recognised standard for environmental performance and conducting your advice in line with industry best practice.


The standards, memberships and achievements that we have allow us to show our Clients that we can meet their expections. They:

  • Act us a focus for the continual improvement of the business by driving standards, strengthening process and keeping us appraised of legislation.
  • Provide us with a constant supply of distilled and relevant industry information
  • Keep us up to date with best practice in our industry.

This helps us to ensure that we always provide the best possible advice to our clients, with the best possible levels of service.

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