Our Remediation Services

If a site investigation indicates the presence of contaminants/pollutants that could impact negatively on human health and the wider environment, a strategy is required proposing appropriate remediation methods and techniques to remediate the contaminated areas. Remediation methods are generally categorised into ex-situ and in-situ methods. Ex-situ methods involve excavation of affected materials and subsequent treatment at the surface. In-situ methods seek to treat the contamination without removing the materials. Our experienced team of consultants have the qualifications and practical knowledge, as well as a thorough understanding of the regulatory framework, to suggest the most appropriate remediation strategy for a particular area and situation.

Geo-Environmental have the ability to:

  • Provide a rapid response in the event of an incident that could threaten human health or the environment (please see case study);
  • Review previous scopes of work and undertake further quantification and assessment of any land or water contamination; and
  • Specify the design, oversee the implementation and complete the verification of remediation solutions.

Do you need advice?

If you have any projects that you need advice on or want to discuss in more detail, please contact us.  One of our Consulting Engineers would be happy to have an informal discussion to help you with your requirements.

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