Risk Assessment Services

All developers and land owners or estate managers, whether they have a small plot of land or extensive land holdings have one thing in common – they have a finite budget for pollution control and any unplanned development expenditure. All management decisions on spending priorities need to be risk-based and the cause of the majority of risks is what is already in the ground. A risk assessment is essential to avoiding any potential impacts such as:

  • Impact on the safety of operations, personnel, adjacent users and end users
  • Interference with construction deadlines and work schedules
  • Affect the delivery of infrastructure into the development site
  • Could trigger, or have triggered the intervention of environmental regulators or third party land owners and occupiers
  • Could have significant financial implications

At Geo-environmental our geotechnical, environmental and contaminated land specialists can assemble and present a risk management protocol that enables managers to weigh up potentially competing risks for the development site or even across a whole land estate. This in turn provides the basis for priority setting, programming and cost budgeting.

Quite often issues can be successfully managed without costly intervention if they are known early enough in the development cycle.

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