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What is the issue?

In order to fully characterise the levels of risk on a site it is necessary to undertake a site investigation so that the distribution, mobility and environment behavior to fate and transport of contaminants. In addition, the intrusive investigation can be used to obtain pertinent geotechnical information on the ground and groundwater conditions beneath the site to inform the design of foundations, pavements, soakaways, retaining walls and earthworks.

How can we help?

Geo-Environmental can put together an appropriately scoped investigation strategy utilising appropriate techniques which may include; rotary drilling, cable percussive drilling, window sampling, permeability tests, portable X-Ray fluorescence (PXRF), amongst others. All soils would be logged in accordance with BS5930 and relevant Eurocodes and in-situ testing and sampling will be undertaken in accordance with Eurocode 7, BS5930, BS1377, BRE Digest 365, or other specific guidance as relevant to the individual tests. The geo-environmental aspects of the investigation would be undertaken in accordance with BS10175 and CLR11. Finally, we analyse the laboratory results and other data and produce an interpretive geotechnical and environmental site appraisal report or a full site investigation. This will include records of the encountered conditions, an assessment of geotechnical parameters in terms of the proposed construction, and an assessment of environmental issues pertaining to the site and its redevelopment.

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