21st Celebration – EIC Parliamentary Reception


Many thanks to the EIC for presenting Glyn with an award and cake at the EIC Parliamentary Reception.  It was a very special day.   More importantly, many thank to the staff for all their efforts in getting us to this milestone.   I hope you all had a great day.

Here are the pictures, enjoy!

Many thanks to everyone who attended the Geo-Environmental 21st birthday celebration at Brighton Racecourse and made it such a memorable evening.  Whilst picking winners in the races was not something I excelled in, we had great company, a great location and lots of drinks, so I think we were all winners!


















Geo-Environmental have been “Highly Commended” at the Consultancy and Engineering Awards.    This adds to an already successful year where we have been announced as the Best Geotechnical Engineering Company UK in the Home Builders Awards 2017  and Innovation & Excellence Awards Winners 2017 for Innovation in Geotechnical & Environmental Engineering Services.

Glyn Evans, Managing Director said: “The recognition that we have earned this year shows just how far we have come as an organisation.  I am immensely proud of all of my staff and with the strong unit of capable individuals that we have, we are well placed to continue to drive the company forward.”

Jon Tingley,  Technical Director and Glyn Evans, Managing Director at the Consultancy and Engineering Awards


19 Jun / 2017

Staff Training Day

Staff training day – we covered:

  • Client expectations, our documentation, guidance that we work to
  • SPT’s, solution features and an introduction to shrinkable clays
  • Changes to the integrated management system
  • Modern slavery, anti-bribery and corruption, cyber security
  • Holebase SI applications and uses
  • Sampling and testing, foundations in clay soils, desiccations and how to assess it

Geo-Environmental have a zero tolerance approach against the use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace and we are happy to be supporting our schools in the fight against drinking, smoking and drug use.

The importance of ensuring children appreciate the value of good health is clear.  This cannot be the responsibility of teachers and health workers alone.  We must work as a community to send positive messages which encourage children to take responsibility for their health and well-being.

To that end, Geo-Environmental are pleased to have had the opportunity to sponsor a publication educating children on the effects of drugs and alcohol abuse, for schools in West Sussex.

The team recently went on a training day to see ground improvement works being undertaken on a site that we had previously done the ground investigation on.  The team were watching the installation of vibro stone columns.  Vibro Stone Columns are designed to improve the load bearing capacity of insitu soils and fills and to reduce differential settlements of non-homogeneous and compressible soils, allowing the use of shallow footings and thinner base slabs.

Geo-Environmental have rolled out a new flexible benefits system to its staff.   All staff now have access to a range of benefits which include; childcare vouchers, health insurance, car loans, dining cards and bikes for work, amongst others.  This offer also includes a benefits allowance gifted to staff by the company.

Glyn Evans, Managing Director said: “With the introduction of auto-enrolment pensions cannot really be classed as a benefit in the same way that they were.  Furthermore, we are also responding to the increasing evidence on workplace Health and Wellbeing.  If we can help to ensure that we have fit, healthy, and motivated employees through this scheme, that will be good for our staff and good for the Company.  This goes hand-in-hand with the bonus scheme and flexible working policy which are all aimed at making Geo-Environmental a better place to work.

17 May / 2017

A head for heights

Sometimes you need a head for heights in this job, our team recently attended a site at Butt’s bridge in Alton


The team undertook a ground investigation to determine the depth to competent chalk strata on site in order to inform pile design for the abutments on this site. As well as this, there was also a requirement for contamination assessment of the railway embankment for presence of PCB’s/Ash which were considered likely to be present.


Geo-Environmental Services Limited have been announced as the Best Geotechnical Engineering Company UK in the Home Builders Awards 2017.

Glyn Evans, Managing Director said:

“It is a pleasure to win this award in our 21st year as a company and it especially poignant that this is the Home Builders Award 2017, with the housing development market being the cornerstone of our company for the last 21 years.”

“Going forward there is some uncertainty in the industry over the next 12 months, with the future of what environmental legislation will and will not be retained as a result of the ongoing Brexit negotiations.   It is also uncertain how the industry will be impacted by the Brexit negotiations.  Until we have more detail on these negotiations, it is very difficult to say just how we would be affected – positively or negatively.” 

“Longer term, we expect the future to be brighter, as we anticipate greater levels of development to meet the shortages in housing and to facilitate improvement to key infrastructure.  However, we also anticipate a greater future emphasis on development of brownfield land and investment in environmental protection and renewable energy, and as such we are keen to ensure that we remain at the forefront of emerging developments in these sectors and that our staff are equipped to support our clients through these changes.”

“We also anticipate that in the future flexible working will be more important.  To combat skill shortages in the industry we need to encourage diversity and be able to accommodate the different needs of staff so that we can support and retain them in the industry during periods of life transition.  Job sharing, remote working and alternative hours will all become far more important.  The glue that will hold that together is smart IT solutions and enhanced policies and procedures to provide the client with the continuity that they need whilst providing staff with the flexibility that they need.”


Geo-Environmental have won the Innovation & Excellence Awards Winners 2017 for Innovation in Geotechnical & Environmental Engineering Services.  The panel were impressed with Geo-Environmental Services Ltd’s commitment to using the latest technologies to support their work.

Jonathan Tingley, Technical Director said “The use of IT to improve productivity and enhance the level and range of services that we provide has been one of our core strategic aims since 2013.   By upgrading to Holebase SI for recording investigation logs, developing new bespoke project management software with Feng Office, using PDISP and XDISP for calculating settlement and movement around excavations, as well utilising Surfer and CAD for 3D modelling of ground and groundwater conditions, we have been able to improve our productivity by 21% whilst offering an increased range of services.”

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