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What is the issue?

If remedial measures are required at a site in order to mitigate any risk associated with soil and groundwater contamination Geo-Environmental can provide a site specific Remediation Strategy and Verification Plan. GESL has a wide experience in Validation and Verification. CLR 11 defines verification as “the process of demonstrating that the risks have been reduced to meet remediation criteria and objectives based on a quantitative assessment of remediation performance”.

CLR11 identifies four key stages in the verification process.

  1. Developing the remediation strategy – planning verification is an integral part of this process and involves the review of information already available and collected during development of the remediation strategy.
  2. Developing the verification plan – including identification of the roles, responsibilities and sampling approach needed to demonstrate that remediation objectives are satisfied.
  3. Implementation of the verification plan, with production and communication of the verification report.
  4. Long-term monitoring and maintenance, where needed to satisfy long-term remediation objectives.

How can we help?

Geo-Environmental have staff who are appropriately experienced and qualified to provide a detailed site specific remediation strategy. We have a wide experience in tailoring an appropriate remediation strategy for a range of developments and settings, either in the form of in-situ techniques or cover and containment. Geo-Environmental have relationships with a range of specialist remediation contractors who operate a range of in-situ and ex-situ techniques. We can oversee the process and ensure that upon completion of the remediation Geo-Environmental can produce a Verification Report in order to discharge the relevant planning condition.

The verification report will provide documentary evidence that the remediation has been undertaken in accordance with the regulatory approved remediation strategy. The report will detail the works undertaken, contain records of inspections, photographic evidence of works, drawings detailing remediated areas and evidence that waste soil arisings have been disposed appropriately.

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