Earlier this month Highways England announced that a ground investigation team, whilst carrying out preliminary investigation work, had hit a gas pipe. The ground investigation team were carrying out work in a field off Thong Lane, Gravesend. The Investigative work was for the Lower Thames Crossing, which would join Kent with Essex through Thurrock.

A Highways England spokesman said:

“During ground investigation work last week our site team scratched coating off a gas pipeline. While no serious damage was done we take these matters seriously, and have thoroughly reviewed our team’s procedures to ensure that all relevant measures are in place to ensure that this does not happen again.”


It just goes to show that even on a big project with a lot of resources, it is still difficult to avoid hitting buried services.

As an organisation, we have improved our in-house capabilities for GPR/CAT scanning precisely because we understand the risks associated with buried services on-site. We always aim to follow working practices and methods to minimise the risks of damage to services on the sites we are working on.


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