Construction Waste Management

What is waste:

In March 2012 CL:AIRE introduced version 2 of the Code of Practice (CoP) for the Definition of Waste which offers significant benefits to developers. This CoP provides a streamlined process which enables the legitimate re-use of materials which might otherwise be designated as waste, both on site or at alternative sites with a significantly reduced regulatory burden.

How can we help?

Geo-Environmental can provide qualified persons (Chartered engineers, approved by CL:AIRE with the Code of Practice for Definition of Waste) and other experienced staff to ensure that soil is correctly classified and create the plans and strategies you need to manage your materials effectively. We can:

  • Undertake phase 1 contamination risk assessments;
  • Produce conceptual site models;
  • Phase 2 intrusive investigation and risk assessments;
  • Produce options appraisals;
  • Prepare remediation strategies;
  • Produce design statements;
  • Create materials management plans (MMPs);
  • Assist with regulator liaison;
  • Prepare verification reports; and
  • Act as the Qualified Person to review documentation, provide advice and sign the declaration to the Environment Agency.

What are the opportunities for developers?

  • Reducing the amount of materials being moved to landfill, which in turn reduces haulage costs and landfill disposal or tax charges.
  • The CoP can in some instances be used as an alternative to Environmental Permits or Waste Exemptions, saving time, costs and reducing delays in seeking approvals.
  • When importing classified materials from a donor site there is no cost to the receiver.
  • Mitigation of the requirement to import externally sourced fill to raise site levels making further cost savings.

Either contact us, our experienced team of consulting engineers would be happy to assist you, or download our Materials and Waste Management brochure.

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