Renewable Energy Development

Geo-Environmental is an International Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Consultancy, part of the Geo-Environmental group of companies. Our consulting engineering team consists of Degree and Masters qualified consulting engineers, and include; Chartered Geologists, Chartered Environmentalists, Chartered Scientists. This experience is backed up by our use of the latest technology to support our investigations, a fully integrated management system, a range of health and safety accreditations and our membership of a range of industry bodies.

The disciplines of geotechnical and environmental engineering have as an important role to play in the installation of renewable energy infrastructure, as they do in any other energy infrastructure. We can help by providing services to assess and provide solutions to the following:

    • The ground conditions, hydro-geology and geology beneath a site are critical to geothermal and hydropower projects, as the ground acts as a medium for the heating process. Wind turbines, solar PV and any associated buildings at a site will require foundations and therefore an understanding of the geotechnical characteristics of the ground to support these. Finally, any cabling and piping to/from the site will also require an assessment of ground conditions to evaluate the feasibility of various anticipated construction methods.
    • Environmental issues also need to be considered. For example; bio-gas has the ability to produce leachates or emissions, geothermal and hydropower have the potential to contaminate groundwater and change the temperature of ground conditions, if potential risks are not assessed and mitigation measures considered. Finally there is a growing trend to situate renewable energy sites on contaminated land and an assessment is required to ensure contamination is not mobilised, posing a risk to human health.

How can we help?

  • Data analysis to determine geologic conditions, groundwater levels and foundation conditions of existing structures
  • Excavation and logging of test pits and borings to help determine subsurface conditions
  • Ground loops design and performance modelling
  • Testing and monitoring of ground and groundwater conditions
  • Detailed characterisation of rock mass stability, strength and deformation properties
  • Soil and rock sampling
  • Ground loop design for ground source heat pumps
  • Determination of groundwater occurrence, in situ permeability and flow paths

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