Building Damage Assessments

It has become much more common for basement extensions to ask for a building damage assessment.  In many councils planning guidance and within planning conditions you may find text such as: “…we will need to be satisfied that effective measures will be taken during demolition and construction works to ensure that damage is not caused to the listed building and any buildings it directly adjoins.”

In order to satisfy this condition you would need a Building Damage Assessment.

A Building Damage Assessment is calculated using the Burland assessment method. Specific buildings are specified by their locations and bending properties.

In order to assess potential building damage from a proposed basement extension, Geo-Environmental will obtain geotechnical data from boreholes and foundation exposures and then use software called Xdisp to analyse the data and class the building into a damage category based on it’s tensile strains.Burland

Similarly we can utilise a similar method to produce a Utility Damage Assessment, which is calculated by assessing the extent of rotation of joints, pullout of joints and axial and flexural strains.

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