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Competitor 130 – Window Sampling Rig

The Competitor sampling rig and associated tools together form an integrated system, offering an innovative solution to undisturbed soil core sampling, groundwater sampling and monitoring, contaminant logging, window sampling, standard penetration testing and dynamic probing. It has been developed with the operator in mind, and delivers clear benefits in terms of ease-of-use, portability, and greater cost-effectiveness when compared to many other ground investigation techniques.

You will find the Competitor System used in geotechnical investigations, brownfield assessments, property audits, subsidence investigations, hydrogeological studies, and many diverse applications in which access is limited or where the site must be left undisturbed.

Rig Dimensions (mm): 750 L x 600 W x 2300 H
Rig Weight: 258 kg
Powerpack Dimensions (mm): 1180 L x 670 W x 640 H
Powerpack Wet Weight: 120 kg

Cylinder: 7 tonne pullback
Pump: 20 l/min @ 3500 rpm, 1500 psi

Type: 4-stroke, overhead valve,1 cylinder
Petrol: Max. output: 13 HP
Diesel: Max. output: 9 HP
Start Mechanism: Recoil only or Recoil & Electric Ignition
Drop Weight: 50 or 63.5 kg (variable)
Drop Height: 500 or 760 mm (variable)
Sampling/Probing Depth: 0-15 metres depending on ground conditions

Dando 1500 – Cable Percussive Rig

With a telescopic mast providing adjustable heights, the collapsible Dando 1500 can be easily positioned into working areas of tight space allowing the operator to adapt the rig to the job in hand. Detachable wheels allow for increased mobility of the base unit and can be easily removed when needed.

Engine Type = Hatz 1D81C
Power = 8.1 Kw @ 2250rpm 11bhp
Output Torque = 33 Nm @ 2250rpm
Max Derrick Swl = 4000kg
Winch Single Line Pull = 1500kg
Options Available = Sampson post with electric mast raising winch

Dando 1000 without Sampson Post= 463, 423 (dry)
Dando 1000 with Sampson Post = 577, 612 (with wireline)
Sampson Post only = 114
Mast Assembly (all parts) = 249 (3.5m mast), 352 (4.5m mast)

4 Inches (100mm) = 46 metres (150 feet)
6 Inches (150mm) = 26 metres (85 feet)
8 Inches (200mm) = 20 metres (65 feet)

Base Unit= 1650 (l) 737 (w) 250 (h)
Base Unit Low Mast= 2580 (l) 1248 (w) 2500 (h) 2.175m (working height)
Base Unit Mid Mast = 2835 (l) 1437 (w) 3000 (h) 2.675m (working height)
Base Unit High Mast= 3124 (l) 1626 (w) 3500 (h) 3.175m (working height)
Base Unit with Wheels= 1778 (l) 1005 (w) 250 (h)
Base Unit and Sampson Post= 2224 (length incl. winch guard) 1964(l) 737 (w) 1150 (h)

Dando Terrier Compact Rig

The compact and extremely versatile Dando Terrier drilling rig is designed to be easily transportable and simple to manoeuvre through tight spaces with difficult access, causing very little disturbance to its surroundings. The rig is capable of disturbed and undisturbed sampling, SPT and dynamic probing, and the Terrier’s rotary mast attachment for the rig extends its range of use to include continuous flight and hollow stem augering, tricone and drag bits and rotary core drilling as well as DTH hammers.

A fabricated box section sub-frame incorporating drop hammer support, controls, engine mounting and tool storage.

A two-piece drop hammer runs on two guide bars. The weight is fully guarded and can be quickly changed for SPT or dynamic probing standards. Next to the drilling controls a blow counter is installed which is illuminated with large digits for easy reading. An extension loom is provided when operating the mast remotely. Attached to the mast is a 1m measurement scale for the easy monitoring of progress.
Trip Hammer Speed: 0-50 blows per minute
Trip Hammer Drop: 500mm – 750mm
Trip Hammer Weight: 50kg or 63.5 kg

Rotary concrete coring head With the remote drilling kit the whole control panel and mast can be removed and operated up to 30m away from the main base unit. Casing extractor Lifting kit Can be equipped for Texas Cone Penetration Standards

A fabricated, welded steel box section construction, hinge pin mounted to main superstructure, hydraulically raised and lowered.
Overall height: 2.22m – 2.85m
Pull down capacity: 1000 kgf
Pull back capacity: 7000 kgf
Width: 655mm (including wheels) 1166m (jacks out)
The entire mast assembly with wheels can be detached from the main superstructure for operation in areas of restricted access.

A purpose built crawler chassis with rubber tracks fitted with tilt mechanism, allowing rig to operate vertically on slopes inclined up to 30 degrees from horizontal.
Crawler width: 800mm
Overall length mast down: 2.70 m
Overall height mast down: 1.48 m
Total weight: 1126 kg

Hydraulic system powered by a 16.8HP water-cooled diesel engine, provides power for drilling, rigging and tracking:
Flow for PTO: 38.88 l/min
Maximum Working Pressure: 175 bar

Beretta T44 – Rotary Rig

This versatile and compact machine has a wide range of uses and can move in difficult access areas.
It has reducible tracks, so the Beretta T44 is able to move over soft ground and width restricted areas with minimal damage. It has a versatile mast dump arrangement which allows the drilling of angled holes.

Typical uses for the Beretta T44 are Water Wells, Coring, Rotary open Holes, Auguring, DTH and Simultaneous Casing Installations.

Torque: 620 (950) daNm
Rotation Speed: 100 (520) rpm
Drive Tracked
Travelling Height: 2150mm
Operational Height: 5140mm
Travelling Length: 5140mm
Operational Length: 5140mm
Width: 1000 – 1400mm
Gross Weight: 4,4 Ton

Conrad Combi HD500

The ‘state of the art’ Conrad Combi HD 500 is a powerful yet compact machine fitted with the most up to date silenced engine and has on-board pumps to even further reduce the working area required.

Equipped with an automatic drill pipe manipulation system and because all important drilling functions can be radio controlled, the Combi 500 is very advanced and one of the most modern of drilling rigs in its class. The Combi 500 can be fitted out based on customer specifications for straight flush drilling, reverse circulation/airlift drilling, percussion drilling, sonic drilling, coring and Down-The-Hole drilling.

Radio remote control brings ease and safety of operation.
Rod manipulator arm removes the need for manual rod handling.
Wide tracks give increased stability and cause minimal disturbance to soft grounds.
Reverse circulation allows the drilling of large diameter holes to great depths.

Travelling Length: 11.0m
Operational length: 9.05m
Height: 3.2m
Width: 2.6m
Weight: 26 ton
Rubber bonded steel tracks
Pull back: 12 tons
Pull down: 6 tons
Drillhead travel: 6.2m
Clamping diameters: up to 480mm
Torque 5786 ft/lbs
Rotation Speed: 145rpm
Drilling: 800mm

Dando 350

This versatile machine has a wide range of uses and can move in difficult rough terrains. Typical uses for the Dando 350 include; Water Wells, Well Pointing, Coring, Rotary open Holes, Auguring, DTH and Simultaneous Casing Installations

Large low pressure balloon tyres mean Dando 350 can operate on most terrains and in particular sites where ground disturbance must be kept to a minimum.
Head pull back of 15 tons coupled with a 600mm drilling diameter capability make the Dando 350 an ideal rig for water wells.

Torque: 6500 ft/lbs
Rotation Speed: 0 – 150rpm
Tractor mounted
Travelling Height: 4.56m
Operational Height: 10.30m
Travelling Length: 10.00m
Operational Length: 6.20m
Width: 2.60m
Gross Weight: 12000kg
Drilling Diameter: 600mm

Hillcat Explorer

This versatile and compact machine has a wide range of uses and can move in difficult access areas. Typical uses include; Coring, Rotary open Holes, DTH and Simultaneous Casing Installations.

Tracks allow the Hillcat to move over soft ground with minimal damage.
Versatile mast arrangement allows the drilling of incline holes.

Torque: 435-2680 ft/lbs
Rotation Speed: 10 – 320rpm
Drive Tracked or Wheeled
Travelling Height: 2690mm
Operational Height: 3894mm
Travelling Length: 4030mm
Operational Length: 3597mm
Width: 2110mm
Gross Weight: 3000kg
Drilling Diameter: up to 200mm
Max Clamping Diameter: 356mm

Terramec Tracked

Terramec is a tracked drilling rig which has a wide range of uses and can move in difficult access areas. Typical uses include; Water Wells, Well Pointing, Coring, Rotary open Holes, Auguring, DTH, Simultaneous Casing Installations and Ground anchoring

Tracks allow the Terramec to move over soft ground with minimal damage.
360 degree dill mast operation allows holes to be drilled in virtually any plain.
Full regulation compliant, safety cut out systems fitted for operator safety.
Versatile mast arrangement allows the drilling of angled holes.

Torque: 7700 ft/ibs
Rotation Speed: 20 – 630rpm
Drive Tracked
Travelling Height: 3060mm
Operational Height: 6550mm
Travelling Length: 6400mm
Operational Length: 5000mm
Width: 2350mm
Gross Weight: 11000kg
Drilling Diameter: 400mm
Max Clamping Diameter: 400mm

Comacchio 3000

A specially designed rig to traverse and drill on slopes in excess of 30 degrees.

The Comacchio 3000 is a multi purpose track mounted drilling rig used for geotechnical and geo-environmental investigations. The capability and versatility of the MC300 means the rig can cope with all ground conditions. The ability to switch between drilling techniques such as dynamic soil sampling, augering, rotary coring and open hole drilling means that all soils, hard strata and made ground can be penetrated.

Casagrande C6 Rig

The Casagrande C6 is a highly versatile rig comprising of a 11700kg stabilising weight mounted on steel crawler tracks. It has four large adjustable legs attached to each corner of the rig to give added stability when in operation. The Casagrande C6 features an adjustable mast that offers extremely versatile angle achievement.

Torque: 12170 – 20000 ft/ibs
Rotation Speed: 180 – 500rpm
Travelling Speed: 2.2km/h
Operational Height: 2800mm
Travelling Length: 7200mm
Operational Length: 6000 – 8700mm
Width: 2250mm
Gross Weight: 13-14 tonnes
Drilling Diameter: 400mm
Max Clamping Diameter: 406mm

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