Working with Geo-Environmental

Our People

It is an overused cliche that a company’s staff are their most important asset, but in a business where your core deliverable is professional advice that is most definitely the case. To ensure that our staff are up to date with the latest industry developments, we have developed a structured and continuous training programme. We also encourage and support all staff in working towards and achieving chartered status, improving their qualifications and gaining new skills. To support this we have assigned a dedicated budget for training and through the appraisal process, set objectives aimed at promoting personal improvement which are reviewed bi-annually. We now have a strong core team of experienced and graduate engineers who have grown with the company. These staff have brought the fresh ideas and enthusiasm that have contributed to making us what we are today.

Our Culture

Customers are the lifeblood of our business, so by striving to meet their requirements and aiming to exceed their expectations, by providing the best possible advice, we have a loyal and valued customer base. We believe in quality over quantity, so we focus on being friendly and approachable, giving our customers the time that they need and properly considering their needs. This approach is driven by the Company’s board and because we have a very stable core team and the existing management team have all been promoted by employees who have been with the Company for many years, customer service is ingrained in the Company’s culture. However, we also understand that it is important to have fun doing your job and you need the flexibility to ensure that you have a good work life balance – 60% of our workforce are now working from home for some or all of the week.

Technology and Innovation

In 2013 we commenced a programme of upgrading and expanding the capability of IT hardware and scoured the market for software packages that would improve our analytical capabilities, the presentation of our reports, our inter-connectivity with other systems and the productivity of our work. We underpinned this by employing an IT managed service company to manage and maintain the systems, which reduced the amount of time lost from IT issues and allowed us to concentrate on our core business. The IT platform for remote working that we have put in place, enables staff to work as if they were in the office from anywhere, all field data is now recorded electronically. We also have statistical modelling, GIS and BIM compliant software. These systems and software have increased the capability of the company, improved efficiency by 30% and allow us to respond more quickly to our customers.

All of this is underpinned by our Integrated Management System which ensures the highest levels of quality, environmental management and health and safety on each and every project.

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