Community Development

Supporting developments for charities, religious establishments and community projects

Since 1996 our experienced team of geotechnical and environmental consultants have been delivering consultancy and site investigation services to support the renovation of and development of new playgrounds, churches, mosques, community centres and synagogues.

Whether Geo-Environmental are supplying a basic ground investigation or more complex contaminated land soil survey, our approach is the same – our experienced team of highly qualified engineers place great emphasis on listening to and understanding our client’s requirements before utilising their experience and knowledge of the latest legislation, investigation techniques and technologies to ensure we supply cost effective, appropriately staffed and investigation scopes tailored to a particular site. Some examples can be found here.

Whilst many of the technical skills for site investigations at places of worship, vicarages, graveyards and charity offices and headquarters are similar to those in other sectors, there can be some unique differences which require a specialised approach.   Geo-Environmental are experienced in undertaking Tier 1 to Tier 3 risk assessments for new, or extensions to, existing cemeteries in accordance with the Environment Agencies guidance.

Furthermore there are other cultural and practical considerations that need to be adapted to on each site. In all cases we have listened to our clients and shown that we are flexible and responsive in delivering their requirements, whilst providing a safe working environment for our staff, other contractors and members of the public.

Do you need help with planning conditions and building regulations?

Geo-Environmental can help prevent delays in planning and construction by identifying environmental and geotechnical risks early, so that you can accurately estimate your development costs.

How Can Geo-Environmental Help?

Through our core services Geo-Environmental can provide:

  • Geotechnical and geo-environmental site investigations
  • Foundation design, earthworks and slope stability assessments
  • Environmental audits, contamination investigations and due dilligence
  • Hydrogeological and basement impact assessments
  • Groundwater risk assessments
  • Human health risk assessments
  • Design of remediation strategies, their implementation and validation

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