Rail Services

Geo-Environmental have been offering services to the rail sector since 2007 and have been accredited on RISQS (number 4394) since 2014, consistently scoring above the rail industry average according to RISQS’ own benchmarking.  We are able to provide a large variety of ground investigation works to the rail sector undertaken and overseen by our own staff with Network Rail Sentinel personal track safety (PTS) competency certificates, these services include:

  • Geotechnical ground investigations
  • Contamination assessments
  • Settlement analysis around tunnels and excavations
  • Structural investigations
  • Materials management plans
  • Rock stability assessments
  • Ground anchor designs
  • Slope stability analysis and design

We have provided these services in a range of rail settings that have covered high-speed, interurban and commuter services, along with heritage lines.

In addition to this, through our own in-house capabilities and with the support of our partners we are also able to provide:

  • Utilities services scans
  • Topographical services
  • Ecological assessments
  • Flood risk assessments
  • Surface water drainage assessments

Safe Consultants

We understand that safety in a railway setting is of paramount importance.  As a Company we have an excellent health and safety record and our Head of Rail, Road and Utilities, Edward Newman, sits on the ACE’s Health and Safety Working Group to ensure that we remain at the forefront of best practice. We are used to working in difficult areas; by track sides and roads for example. Furthermore we have experience of conducting investigation in areas with high densities of services. Safety and safe systems of work are always our first consideration.

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