Environment Impact and Sustainability

At Geo-Environmental we are committed to decreasing our impact on the environment and increasing our use of sustainable products to minimize our carbon footprint.

To do this, we have not only set out a Sustainable Procurement Policy to encourage our suppliers to seek out sustainable products, but also have procedures in place to cut our own carbon emissions. This includes banning all virgin paper products and ensuring all our paper products are from forests independently certified as well-managed according to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), or from recycled materials. We also moved from our Brighton offices to more energy efficient offices in Danworth farm, Hurstpierpoint in order to cut our emissions and save energy.

Furthermore, we plan to cut our CO2 emissions from 21.63 tonnes CO2e/per head to 18.22 tonnes CO2e/per head by 2018. This will involve, amongst other things, a more efficient delegation of work to shorten commutes and an increase in using public transport where possible.

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