Brownfield First

In our business, we regularly come across derelict land, often in a prime location, with potential for development and not currently in use.

Reusing brownfield land must be an essential part of the delivery of new developments across the UK, according to a new report from the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC).

The report, Brownfield First: making better use of our land, draws on long-term expertise to identify ways in which development on brownfield land can be sustainably increased benefitting the environment and the economy. EIC says that the UK’s rich industrial heritage, rising population and constrained space makes the reuse of previously developed or brownfield land a key part of delivering new projects and developments in the UK.

While currently only 10-20% of development in the UK takes place on sites classified as brownfield, the latest statistics from the Homes and Communities Agency indicates that there is approximately 61,920 ha of brownfield land in England, with 54% considered derelict or vacant while the remainder is in some form of use with potential for redevelopment. DCLG figures (2010) suggests approximately 35,000 ha of this brownfield land is suitable for housing development, further establishing the potential of brownfield in creating sustainable communities combining housing, retail, as well as commercial or industrial development.

If you would like to read more, please click on the attached link – Brownfield first: making better use of our land.



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