Geo-Environmental Services Limited have been announced as the Best Geotechnical Engineering Company UK in the Home Builders Awards 2017.

Glyn Evans, Managing Director said:

“It is a pleasure to win this award in our 21st year as a company and it especially poignant that this is the Home Builders Award 2017, with the housing development market being the cornerstone of our company for the last 21 years.”

“Going forward there is some uncertainty in the industry over the next 12 months, with the future of what environmental legislation will and will not be retained as a result of the ongoing Brexit negotiations.   It is also uncertain how the industry will be impacted by the Brexit negotiations.  Until we have more detail on these negotiations, it is very difficult to say just how we would be affected – positively or negatively.” 

“Longer term, we expect the future to be brighter, as we anticipate greater levels of development to meet the shortages in housing and to facilitate improvement to key infrastructure.  However, we also anticipate a greater future emphasis on development of brownfield land and investment in environmental protection and renewable energy, and as such we are keen to ensure that we remain at the forefront of emerging developments in these sectors and that our staff are equipped to support our clients through these changes.”

“We also anticipate that in the future flexible working will be more important.  To combat skill shortages in the industry we need to encourage diversity and be able to accommodate the different needs of staff so that we can support and retain them in the industry during periods of life transition.  Job sharing, remote working and alternative hours will all become far more important.  The glue that will hold that together is smart IT solutions and enhanced policies and procedures to provide the client with the continuity that they need whilst providing staff with the flexibility that they need.”