Geo-Environmental rolls out flexible benefits system to staff

Geo-Environmental have rolled out a new flexible benefits system to its staff.   All staff now have access to a range of benefits which include; childcare vouchers, health insurance, car loans, dining cards and bikes for work, amongst others.  This offer also includes a benefits allowance gifted to staff by the company.

Glyn Evans, Managing Director said: “With the introduction of auto-enrolment pensions cannot really be classed as a benefit in the same way that they were.  Furthermore, we are also responding to the increasing evidence on workplace Health and Wellbeing.  If we can help to ensure that we have fit, healthy, and motivated employees through this scheme, that will be good for our staff and good for the Company.  This goes hand-in-hand with the bonus scheme and flexible working policy which are all aimed at making Geo-Environmental a better place to work.