At Geo-Environmental Services Limited we recently obtained Cyber Essentials accreditation.

It is crucial Cyber Crime is taken seriously and all organisations should provide assurance to clients of such.
We achieved this accreditation for a number of reasons:
1. The risk of cyber attack is real and we need to be as well prepared for it as we can
2. Many public sector organisations are now asking about our strategy on cyber security – some even ask for Cyber Essentials as it is a defacto public sector approved standard. We want potential clients in the public sector to feel as comfortable as possible about working with us.
3. Similarly I suspect that many private sector clients are going to follow suit given the anticipated rise in cyber crime.
4. Finally, GDPR mandates that you take steps to protect yourself against cyber attack, the fact that we have gone through Cyber Essentials means that we are perceived to have taken reasonable and practicable steps to do this.
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