At the beginning of 2015, we took on a University of Brighton student placement, Luke Stock, through an initiative promoted by the Green Growth Platform.  Now we are in 2016, the Green Growth Platform have come back to Geo-Environmental to interview us and Luke, who is now an employee, on the success of the placement and the benefits of undertaking it.

The Green Growth Platform is a 5 year programme funded by HEFCE which aims to support business growth in the environmental sectors and one of the many activities and resources that it uses to support business growth, is the placement of students.

We had a very defined brief for Luke to follow for the placement.  Geo-Environmental had recently acquired two new pieces of analytical software which when used creatively we believed would provide us with the opportunity to model groundwater levels, surface topography and geological layers.   The Company had done a large number of projects in the St George’s hill area and there was an opportunity to put the data that we have collected over the last ten years into one single unified model.     This provided a geological and hydro-geological view of this site that is unique and would allow us to model the impact of the introduction of structures into the landscape on groundwater flow or the migration of pollution.

We have since gone on to use this software on a number of different projects and the working knowledge and methods developed during the placement, were key to giving us the capability to meet these needs.

Programs such as these offer a great opportunity for both the student and the company and we would recommend the Green Growth Platform to anyone who wants to join.

Green Growth Platform filming

Green Growth Platform filming