EIC Parliamentary Networking Reception 2016

On the 15th September, members of our team who had been involved with the Contaminated Land and Water Resources working groups attended the EIC Parliamentary Networking Reception hosted by Neil Parish MP, Chairman of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee.

Geo-Environmental have been long standing members of the EIC and at a time when many of the environmental policies, guidance and best practice that our company relies on for it’s day to day business, are going to be under review when we exit the EU, the need for a trade body that brings together our industry to drive best practice and lobby Government, has never been more needed.

Furthermore, at a time when have when our trading status with many of our current trading partners is uncertain, the EIC is opening up opportunities with new trading partners.  They have negotiated a formal Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences (CSES), a body which is part of the Chinese Ministry of the Environment.  This MoU sets up a process for EIC members to engage directly with senior Chinese officials to develop commercial opportunities to provide environmental technologies and services in China.

A delegation from the CSES, headed by the Chairman Mr Wang, addressed the Parilamentary Network Reception, which coincidentally was the same day that the announcement was made on the go-ahead of Hinkley Point, with a view to fostering closer working ties between members of the EIC and CSES.  This can only be good news for all of us in this sector.


Mike, Katie and Laura at the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Hall


Katir and Laura at the Houses of Parliament, St Stephen’s Hall


Neil Parish MP addresses the reception


Mr Wang Chairman of the CSES addresses the reception