Marshall Surfacing

Services Supplied on this Project:

  • Project management
  • 250mm diameter cable percussion boreholes
  • Site supervision
  • Falling head soakage tests in accordance with BS5930: 1999
  • Provision of factual report

Project Details:


Rail and Transport Development
Approximately 3.5k

The Project

Geo-Environmental was appointed by Marshall Surfacing in order to assess the suitability, and install new bored soakaways for highways in Surrey.

The project involved drilling cable percussion boreholes to the required depth and undertaking a falling head soakage test. If the infiltration rate was sufficient, the installation of the necessary pipe-work and siphon head was completed and a post installation soakage test undertaken to confirm the performance of the soakaway.


Geo-Environmental provided the required large diameter drilling equipment required, assess the results of the initial falling head test and install the pipe-work all in one operation.


It is often the case that a 150mm diameter cable percussion borehole is drilled to assess the potential for a soakaway and the soakaway is then installed as a separate exercise necessitating the drilling of a further large diameter borehole. Geo-Environmental’s detailed project management allows the careful sequencing of the works so that only one borehole is required. This provides a real benefit to the client in terms of both time saved and reduced costs.