During last months Architex 2018 there was a  very interesting and honest talk by Chris Blythe, Chief Executive of the CIOB.  Chris asserted that there was not a mindset to innovate in construction – productivity has barely changed in 25 years and skill levels are at an all time low.  Furthermore he stated that innovation is not happening generally and where it is, it is tiny.

Coming from a the head of a well-respected industry body, this should be a real call to arms for the industry.  In response we need to redouble our efforts to break down barriers between the different professions in construction (BIM is only some of the answer). We also need to invest more in training and research and development.   In particular, as our staff are working longer, we need to ensure that our staff continue to be trained throughout their working career, rather than focusing all the effort at the beginning of their career.

Many of the issues with productivity that we are seeing are where older staff become disconnected from modern methods of working, because they haven’t received the training that they should have had to allow them to use these effectively.

About the CIOB:

The Chartered Institute of Building is at the heart of a management career in construction.

“We are the world’s largest and most influential professional body for construction management and leadership. We have a Royal Charter to promote the science and practice of building and construction for the benefit of society, and we’ve been doing that since 1834. Our members work worldwide in the development, conservation and improvement of the built environment. We accredit university degrees, educational courses and training. Our professional and vocational qualifications are a mark of the highest levels of competence and professionalism, providing assurance to clients and other professionals procuring built assets.”

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