Last week our STEM Ambassador Chris Griffith was invited to King Edward VI Grammar School to discuss her job as a Senior Consulting Engineer for Geo-Environmental Services Ltd with their A Level Geology classes. She explained what Phase 1 Desk studies are and the importance of understanding the environmental setting of a potential development site. She went into detail about what Phase 2 Site investigations are, the machinery/equipment used on site to get the soil samples and cores needed, the different insitu tests that can be undertaken on site including soakage tests, the importance of good soil and rock descriptions on site and how we interpret the information to advise clients on the suitability of the soils for end use. She went through different types of contamination that are can be found and different ways they can be remediated and how underlying soils can affect foundation design. She also stressed that once remediation is complete, the site has to be tested to ensure the remediation was successful. GESL also provide geotechnical consultancy services such as earthwork specifications and MMPs and she explained the importance of both of these processes in the construction industry. She then provided some practical activities to help them understand earth processes.

Thank you KEGS for inviting her and we hope your students found it helpful to speak to someone in a geoscience career!

GESL take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and believe it is important to give back to the community. Explaining what it is we do to local schools is helpful for their students to understand different careers, how vital geoscience is for the construction industry and introducing STEM careers that they may never have heard of before!