Happy New Year to you all. A New Year and a New Decade. A new Government as well and regardless of your political affiliation, I’m sure you will welcome never having to mention the “B” word ever again! 2019 was not without its challenges. The uncertainties in the economy made sales activity very volatile, especially in the first 6 months of the year, but that is behind us now and I think that it is important that we look forward with a much more positive mindset. It has been an incredibly successful decade from the Company. In 2009/2010 our Turnover was £1.24M and there was 12 of us. The 2018/19 Turnover was £2.44M and there are 20 of us.That has been a fabulous performance, given that all of that growth has been organic and we retain the family ethos that makes our Company such a great place to work.
So, as we enter this new decade, we have laid the foundations of further success.
We have a very loyal core client base, who really came through for us in the last 6 months of the year. This emphasised how important it is to build relationships with our clients.
We know from big wins in 2019 that we have the ability to compete on big tenders and win. Key to this has been getting the right accreditations and building the policies and processes that are required, to give us an opportunity to submit a cost.
With the introduction of our new IT systems, we have a far more efficient system and one that is far more capable of supporting people who work remotely than it ever has. This has allowed a much more flexible way of working, allowing us to have a much better work/life balance than we had in 2010 when remote working was very difficult. There will be further improvements in 2020 when we move to the cloud.
We have a fantastic team of people and I can’t thank you all enough for how the team all pulled together in the final 6 months of the year, to make a difficult year a success. The signs are that 2020 is starting in a far more positive way than 2019 did and we will be adding to the team.
We should also not forget that we have been successful on a number of awards in 2019; The Consultancy and Engineering Awards – Best Performance (SME), Building and Facilities News – Company of the Year and Innovation and Excellence Awards – Best in Geotechnical Consultancy Services.
2020 will not be without its challenges, but we have shown that in a difficult market we can manage to hold are own, when many other companies have failed. I am confident that with the team that we have, we can take advantage of a much more positive outlook to 2020 and the Company can continue to build positively in this decade in the way that it did in the last decade.
I’m sure you will join me in wishing Veronica our best wishes for the birth of her baby. The birth of your first child is a very special time, it changes your life for the better.
Yours sincerely

For and on Behalf of Geo-Environmental
Glyn Evans
Managing Director