Geo-Environmental Services Limited has been monitoring the developments on coronavirus (COVID-19) and has been putting in place its own mitigation plans.

Our Technical Director Jonathan Tingley (photo below) explains:

“For the last 10 years we have been gradually improving our IT infrastructure and all staff have the capability to work remotely and can take emails, calls and access files as they would normally. Should the Government advise that we have gone beyond the “contain” phase and into the “delay” phase, homeworking will become a default and the office will have a skeleton staff who can deal with deliveries.

Most of our site work is in areas where there is a low risk of virus transmission and in higher risk areas we have protocols in place to minimise the risk of virus transmission. We are confident that we have the systems and protocols in place to ensure business continuity through these challenging times.”


The UK Government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in conjunction with Public Health  England issues CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) guidance for business. Here is the link:

COVID-19: guidance for employers and businesses.