“I very much welcome the UK budget 2020 announcement this week. There hasn’t been a lot to smile about in the construction sector for a while, but I applaud the emphasis infrastructure investment in the budget.

There are a lot of commentators out there who are saying that the Government hasn’t spent enough and they would have spent more, however, they seem to be in denial of the fact that the Government is still borrowing heavily to finance this. They are of course making a calculated gamble that the investment will boost jobs, increase the attractiveness of the UK to investors and that the resultant economic increase will pay back the investment. That’s a difficult judgement to make, but it feels that they have got it about right.

I, like many of you, remember 2007 and the impact that had on the construction sector, so I would have been nervous that greater levels of spending would have been unsustainable and I would have been very disappointed if the Government had not made good on promises to do something about the state of infrastructure in the UK. This is a rare moment where I think a sitting Government has got it mostly right. We just need to get through coronavirus now!”

Mike Brown, Geo-Environmental Commercial Director.