An interesting report from the Green Alliance, ‘Getting The Building Blocks Right – Infrastructure priorities for a green recovery’  was published this month. Clearly, the intercession of COVID19 has had an impact on Government plans for addressing infrastructure plans to support Net Zero, but hopefully, now that a vaccine is now a realistic prospect, this is a good time to talk about how post-COVID infrastructure projects can simultaneously help the economy recover and support our Net Zero aims. This report makes some good suggestions…

“From low carbon transport to clean energy, and from efficient buildings to better land management for flood protection, having the infrastructure in place will be vital to achieve the UK’s net zero emmisions target and make the country rich in nature again.

Investing now in this type of infrastructure is also the best way to promote economic recovery from the impacts of Covid-19″. 

(‘Getting the building blocks right’. Published by the Green Allaince, November 2020).


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