Anthony Potter, our Environmental Champion, kindly reminds us that today is Earth Day and has come up with some good suggestions that we may want to consider. So with it being Earth Day, are there things that we can all do at work to help with climate change?

Things to consider going forward may be:

  1. Whether it be a company van, car or personal car used for work, you could cut back on making unnecessary trips such as round the corner to the shops.

  2. Do you have to drive to the office, is it practical for you to work from home.

  3. If you are coming into the office can you get there by part public transport (should be more practical as the lockdowns start to be lifted) part cycle.

  4. When on-site, try walking around site rather than driving.

  5. Don’t leave the engine idling all-day, park up and turn it off.

  6. Don’t carry unnecessary weight in the van, the heavier the vehicle is the more fuel you’ll use and more emissions you will produce.

  7. Bring a pack lunch and if possible, cut back on the amount of meat you consume for lunch.

  8. Bring your tea/coffee with you, rather than buying them in disposal cups.

  9. Charge your phone/tablet while driving, rather than charging at home or in the office.

  10. Yes this is an email, but the energy required to send an email via the cloud and around to everyone counts. So only send if you need.

  11. Make calls without the video, again, broadcasting across the net uses far more energy than a voice call.

  12. When you finish work at the end of the day, shut it all down. Standby means more needless energy.

We are sure there are many more things we can all can do, not just for Earth Day, but for everyday, to help the environment while at work. If you have any good ideas, please share them with everyone.

“Now that we are slowly emerging from the pandemic, the focus will be once again on the Net Zero 2050 targets and how we can reduce our emissions and operate more sustainably and it would be really useful to have your thoughts on that. Having had the joy of doing the ISO14064 (carbon emissions audit) and had an auditor tell us that we should scrap our van fleet and replace it with a non-existent EV product, there is clearly no easy or quick way to become more sustainable. Grand gestures for the sake of appearing to be doing things are not sustainable. Rather we will have to make a series of incremental changes that change how we operate over the next 29 years to reach the 2050 target. What is important is that we all start to change”. (Mike Brown, Geo-Environmental Commercial Director).


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