We are pleased to announce that our Commercial Director Mike Brown is going to be the IOD Climate Change & Sustainability Ambassador for Sussex.

“I am delighted to have been offered the role of Climate Change & Sustainability Ambassador for IOD Sussex.   One of the biggest challenges we are all going to have to face over the next few issues is achieving Net Zero.  We are not going to be able to do this in isolation, we are going to have to work together and share best practice to have any chance on achieving these targets.  There are no quick fixes and easy answers, we are going to have be ingenious and institute major transformational change in our businesses and lifestyles.” (Mike Brown, Geo-Environmental Commercial Director).



ABOUT IoD Sussex:

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Their mission is to advocate for, support, and set standards for directors.

Regardless of the size of the company, the IoD is our representative and voice in business. They provide support to our 34,500 members through 48 regional branches across the UK, allowing them to have a local and national impact. From start-up entrepreneurs to FTSE board members, public sector directors, and multinational CEOs, their members are some of the most skilled and prominent leaders in the UK.

As an independent group of business leaders, their goal is to ensure that our opinions are heard when the government is reviewing policy, legislation, or soliciting input from the general public.

For businesses to succeed, high standards of excellence and professionalism in the boardroom are required. For many years, the Institute of Directors has supported leaders in their professional development, and their highly regarded programs offer creative and flexible training opportunities, including their exclusive and industry-recognised Chartered Director qualification.

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